Luckily, we are living in the best timeline and the Taehyung perm era has lasted into 2020. (She says, ordering Postmates in bed on a Saturday night.). Jimin’s many deficient jackets: The boy has never met a jacket that he didn’t want to immediately yeet off one shoulder. First came two EPs, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Parts 1 and 2, and then the final repackaged version, Young Forever. Obviously MOS:7 will wrap up the era, and this list will immediately be irrelevant. 4. 2” was the other song BTS used to introduce themselves to the world; fitting, of course, for the Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Some may call it a glow-up; I call it puberty. My ranking, my rules. Aesthetically, this era’s concealer-covered lips, giant chains, and bowl cuts are … tough. You know what I mean? Mint Yoongi!). Jungkook, “Euphoria”: [Sobs into bright-yellow jacket sleeve] They just love each other so MUUUUUUUUCH. Read School Of Tears [English Tanslation] from the story BTS Lyrics Compilation [Rom/Eng] by OtakuKpop169 (Juliana) with 1,095 reads. So for the top three spots, I’m going to combine all the repackages and various albums within each era into three cohesive spots. K-pop stars BTS have a history of giving, from RM’s museum donation to J-Hope’s U$350,000 to underprivileged children. Jin, “Epiphany”: This song makes me want to stand outside in the rain and brood. But Persona falls at no. Aggressive rock-pop hybrid “Danger” is typically considered the primary single off this album—and the overdramatic music video is an all-timer, as I’ll get into in a moment—but it’s problematic fave “War of Hormone” that fans have latched onto in the years to follow, for better or worse. 2 Cool 4 Skool Tracklist: 1. Since BTS has clearly chosen this moment to take a long, sentimental look at their past, it’s time we do the same ourselves. It’s a testament to BTS’s impeccable discography that the Love Yourself era is, in my opinion, merely their third-best of all time. 5. I cannot be bothered. If only there was an album that could help with that. The album was released on February 12, 2014. So one writer got nostalgic and looked all the way back as well. 2 Cool 4 Skool is the debut single album by South Korean boy band BTS.The album was released on June 12, 2013, through Big Hit and distributed by Loen.The album was promoted by two singles "No More Dream" and "We Are Bulletproof Pt.2". No honor? It’s the one to show to non-Army friends to try to suck them into our cult—er, fandom. G-Dragon – 결국 (Without You) (Feat. Let’s rank everyone’s best recent looks. School of Tears is a 2013 BTS Rap Monster, Suga and Jin cover of Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar. … First came “No More Dream,” through which BTS exploded onto the scene, cursing society for telling them they can’t follow their dreams. That is power. Could maybe pass as a high school student whose dad is a lawyer, but never a lawyer himself. SUGA - Dream money 314. School of Tears 331. rapmonster, kimtaehyung, jhope. This Jin looks like he has a regular dry cleaning appointment, a 401(k) and a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle. Read SCHOOL OF TEARS from the story BTS LYRICS by zekegourmet (SIMYOONGI ♛) with 3,055 reads. Every main song and music video in this era is great: the cheery “Village People” gimmick of “Dope,” the overdramatic growing pains of “I Need U,” the even more overdramatic “Run,” and of course, the chaotic joy of “Fire.” But the standout is “Save Me,” filmed in one take in a field and starkly at odds with the usual K-pop over-production and visual effects, and it remains one of their best artistic achievements to date. I simply cannot go on until we accept this fact. 2) Click on 'Visit' or Click on the album cover/picture again. The album is in Korean-language but was released exclusively in Japan. J-Hope’s chestnut brown: Hobi hasn’t done much to his hair in the past year, so I’m just going to stick with the Rose Bowl trend and shout out his look in “Tear.” The harness! ... Verbal Jint – 시작이 좋아 (Good Start Feat. A group of people willingly spending four minutes and 46 seconds on a subway platform. Even the albums themselves can be hard to discuss on their own—you can’t really rank each individual release, because the K-pop industry’s tendency to repackage and rerelease albums means that after a certain point, they’re nearly indistinguishable as separate offerings. The K-pop stars’ new album, out Friday, is a nostalgic look back on the group’s journey to the top. 5. The Seventh-Best BTS Era: Skool Luv Affair (2014) Lead Singles: “Boy in Luv,” “Just One Day” It’s fun … . 1. I’m told people “were disappointed” by “Fake Love” and “Idol.” I’m told some people “got tired” of “Fake Love” and “Idol.” To these people, I say: First of all, how dare you? 9. Taehyung’s horrifying “I’m going thru it” extensions, which he proceeds to angrily trim without a YouTube tutorial in sight (we’ve all been there). We’ve got everything from “Magic Shop,” Jungkook’s love letter to the BTS Army, to whip-fast rap line showcase “Tear,” as well as cheery fan favorites “Anpanman,” “Go Go,” “Pied Piper,” and “Airplane Pt. Jin setting metal shopping carts on fire with the flick of a lighter (a criticism of late-stage capitalism, I am sure), 6. Commonly referred to as “The Youth Trilogy,” BTS released three parts of the HYYH saga over the course of 2015 and 2016. Before Bon Voyage, but after summer Persona promotion. The Korean version was released on October 10, 2016, as the lead single from the band's second studio album, Wings (2016), by Big Hit Entertainment. On April 9, the group promoted "Just One Day" M/V, another track from the album, which came with different videos for different versions, i.e; the "Choreography Version", the "One - Take Version", the "Facial Expressions Version", and a different … Jimin, “Lie”: Whenever I feel like I’ve dialed it in at work, I just remember when Jimin was asked to explain the meaning behind “Lie,” and he hit us with the bare minimum: Ah, yes, I had never thought about it that way. Hobi (second from left): He’s in “just smile and wave” territory here, but he’s still more grad student than professor. Meanwhile, Skool Luv Affair’s alternate single “Just One Day” was BTS’s most low-key, easy-listening release to date, and it remains strangely soothing to revisit. of YG new girl group), BTS – 힙합성애자 (Hip Hop Phile/Hip Hop Lover), Eric Nam – 우우 (Ooh Ooh Feat. Hoya of INFINITE), BTS – 진격의 방탄 (The Rise of Bangtan/Attack on Bangtan), BTS – 흔한 연습생의 크리스마스 (A Typical Trainee's Christmas), Super Junior-M – Break Down (Korean Ver. I’ll also work in some mini rankings throughout, because if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 4. Suga’s opening line, “I wanna big house, big cars, and big rings,” has evolved from a teenage pipe dream into a satisfyingly literal description of BTS’s current status. 2. Jimin (middle): The glasses go a long way here, but so does that baby face. That’s about it, though. Jimin’s black hair at Speak Yourself: Los Angeles: Shortly after I released my hair ranking last year, Jimin dyed his hair back to black in time for the first Rose Bowl show. It’s a common debate, one not easily answered. ), SISTAR19 – 있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer), SPEED – 빵빵 ‘Bbang Bbang’ (S P Double E D’s Back). First came “DNA,” the single most accessible, catchy, contagiously fun BTS video to date. 2. It’s what she deserves! and of course, her majesty “Blood Sweat & Tears.”. It was written by "Hitman" Bang, Kim Do-hoon, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Pdogg, with the latter of the six solely handling production. Most of the way through the Speak Yourself tour, but before the final show in Seoul. 2”; there’s “ON,” a possible callback to 2013’s “N.O.”; and there’s “Respect,” which is obviously a sneaky Parasite reference. Let’s get it. Hobi’s many satchels: Whether it’s a fanny pack, man purse, or messenger bag, we stan a responsible, prepared king. Interlude: Wings 147. Back to 'BTS' artist page BTS – 학교의눈물 (School of Tears) [Rap Monster] Bangtan Sonyeondan, Rap Monster [Rap Monster /Jin] haggyo Wrong, sahoe Wrong bumo Wrong, seonsaeng Wrong pihaeja Wrong, gahaeja Wrong bang-gwanja Maybe, bang-gwanja Maybe Become fan Unclassified lyrics Video Karaoke Displayed. Read School Of Tears (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga) from the story BTS Songs Lyrics (w/ english translation) by all_one (Pi Ttam Nunmul) with 217 reads. 99. Namjoon’s jorts: Much like the Nullet (Namjoon mullet), Joon has a unique ability to make jorts Actually Good Now. And after nearly a year of promotional appearances, there are SO MANY hairstyles to be added. (Sounds weird, but I can’t wait for that to happen. so my two favourite artists are kendrick lamar and bts so this song has made my whole year. 7. SPEED – 슬픈약속 ’Sad Promise’ (That’s My Fault Feat. And while all of this reminiscing might seem wistful or even a little funereal, the tendency toward nostalgia has been prompted in part by the group itself: Based on the recently released tracklist, theories abound that BTS’s upcoming album will be an exercise in self-reflection, containing various callbacks to past releases, as the group retraces their steps and wraps up this chapter of their lives. Jungkook’s BTS-inspired tattoos: Listen, I know in my soul that there are fans out there who have re-created these BTS tats. The song is also a great example of how well this era’s tracks have aged: “N.O.” is still a staple in concert and award show performances seven years later. Jin (far right): The Jin of “Boy in Luv” looked like that second-year senior who refuses to straighten his tie and still shows up to school dances even though it’s definitely weird. artist, hallyu, suga. (Do not try this at home.). This one is doable—matching it to hair color, however, is much more difficult. Normal humans, do not attempt. “Tears of Gold,” the new single that brings together Carrie Underwood and David Bisbal, is a soaring, uptempo pop ballad. 95 Graduation 239. I’m talking about that good, good 2019 Lotte Concert shit. But they definitely have. On of the song from the album named Idol is smashing the internet. This album is a culmination of the “School Trilogy” project that discusses the topics of most interest to teens their own age—dreams, happiness and love. Audio CD $32.99 $ 32. peaked with lead single “N.O.” and B-side “Attack on Bangtan.” Unfortunately, these early albums are also full of skits, and it’s my prerogative to remove a few points every time I have to sit through any dialogue. Dark & Wild marked the end of BTS’s school series, serving as a transition into more mature themes. K-pop has shone in 2020, with BTS breaking records, Blackpink releasing their debut full-length album, Lisa’s legs going viral and countless other moments, trends and memes. Lead single “Boy in Luv” gave us another wildly energetic classic with lightning-fast choreo and several more metric tons of eyeliner. Gone but never forgotten! RM just casually giving himself a forearm tattoo, as if BigHit would not then go to great lengths to hide said tattoo, 1. I’m sorry, but they’ve never been better. Kang Min He... VIXX – 아이돌 하기 싫어 (I Don’t Want To Be An Idol). As if the first Wings series wasn’t enough, BTS then released a repackage the following year, titled You Never Walk Alone. But the whole point of this list is to hype ourselves up for MOS:7, so for now Persona is riding solo. This is for them. J-Hope, “Outro: Ego”: Pure serotonin in song form! (This may look like someone just smashed their head on a keyboard, but when you say it out loud, it makes sense: “Oh, are you late too?”) Heavy on eyeliner and energy but light on the fully realized sound of BTS eras to come, O!RUL8,2? LOVE YOURSELF 轉 TEAR [ O ver. ] Groundbreaking! Live and learn! The album is certified Gold by RIAJ for the shipment of 100,000 copies. If I tried to rank every individual iteration of the following albums and eras, we would be here all day (two of the following eras technically contain three albums each, and the other contains two) and then everyone would be mad at me for making them read things when they could be not reading things. 6. 3. It’s something about that authoritative posture.). Below is a list of unofficial songs by BTS.Unofficial songs are released ONLY on music platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, their social media sites, Twitter, Blog, Daum Cafe, or sung live for concerts, events, etc. Those very themes are what make it so fun to watch BTS perform the song seven years later. In a futile attempt to narrow this down, let’s focus on the main singles. 2020-07-28T22:38:20Z Comment by Vianey Franco 2020-07-23T22:59:50Z. Then came “Fake Love,” the peak of so many years of emo concepts. Is that a good thing? "School of Tears" is an adapted song by RM, Suga and Jin of Kendrick Lamar's song "Swimming Pools". the Bangtan Boys, are back by popular demand with “BE,” an album they performed for the … With it came two vastly different singles: “Not Today,” an upbeat, deeply hype track that remains a staple in their concert lineup, and “Spring Day,” arguably BTS’s most beautiful, crushing song ever released. 3,” without question the best of the four-part Cypher series. This song is practically free therapy in itself. 1. RM, literally all of “mono”: I can’t talk about it. And speaking of Taehyung’s most memorable lines, Skool Luv Affair also gifted us with “Spine Breaker” (complete with a goofy, self-directed music video) and all-time-great workout song in “Jump.”. ?” I felt that. Look at that ombre! The colorful, peppy lead single “Boy With Luv,” featuring Halsey, was the hallmark tune of BTS’s past year, but in my opinion Persona’s best tracks were two other, starkly different songs: the Greek rave–inspired heavy metal banger “Dionysus,” and the soft, emotional groove “Mikrokosmos.” At 2019’s Melon Music Awards, BTS performed both songs back-to-back, delivering one of the best summaries of their range. While billed as a single, the album boasts an impressive 27-minute runtime. Jin’s magenta/pink/blue hair at 5th Muster in Seoul: A master class in color blending! If you know, you know. Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, or The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, is perhaps BTS’s most fully realized concept, start to finish. It’s fun to look back at the beginnings of the “high school bad boy” concept that BTS still can’t shake (and thankfully, don’t seem to want to). Never change. BTS: The story behind Time's Entertainer of the Year BTS is the biggest musical group in the world, no question. Wings (stylized in all caps) is the second studio album by BTS. If your inner teenager doesn’t relate to that, I don’t know what to tell you. Unofficial songs covers. Most (read: nearly all) regular people lack this ability. Review: On pandemic album ‘Be,’ BTS longs for better times, then dances through the tears BTS’ new album, “Be,” is trim, reflective and modest, written to meet a weary global mood. I’m not sure. RM’s platinum pompadour Mohawk (I’m exhausted just typing that out, let alone looking at it), 8. I ultimately caved to the voice in my head that was telling me to be a little more objective, and slid HYYH to number two, but it’s nonetheless an all-timer. Fast forward seven years to November 2020, and BTS, a.k.a. And so I pose to you today’s question: Which era is the greatest in BTS history? 4 on this list merely due to its short length and the sense that it’s just a primer for what’s to come. Have you no taste? 7. 4. I won’t be too hard on BTS’s early eras, because growth and improvement are necessary parts of any career. Beautiful 242. Yoongi throwing a basketball through a glass window, because what is physics? They also, for what it’s worth, have literally never looked better. Many fans prefer to break down BTS’s body of work by “era” instead, a blanket term that refers to the entire promotional period of a series of interconnected albums and singles. From the three massive main singles—“DNA,” “Fake Love,” and “Idol”—to the solo tracks and B-sides that remain some of my all-time favorites, LYS remains a powerhouse. There’s nothing quite like it. Joon was barely passing for a high school student in the “Boy in Luv” music video, and six years later, he is doing no better. Oh, I have so many thoughts about the styling. And let’s be real, that hat-trick dance break absolutely never gets old. Yoongi (far left): Big “how do you do, fellow kids?” energy from him, but it kinda works. 2.”. ), the full album release (“Cypher 4”! Taehyung’s curly black hair: Ah, the year when no one wanted to get a haircut. (Just kidding. BTS (방탄소년단) - School of Tears (학교의눈물) Lyrics Romanization, Korean, Translation. It was also a transitional stage for BTS’s public perception, as both fans and music critics began to recognize the group coming into themselves as musicians and creators. Yoongi’s “SUGA” rings: We could never. 1 on this list!—but they’ve done so off of this early foundation of energy, chemistry, and sound. ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ Release Date: June 12, 2013. The album is BTS’s first #1 album and the first #1 album by a Korean act in Billboard 200 history, also becoming the best selling foreign language album of … 5. Namjoon (middle): The Chucks and platinum hair can’t hide your old-ass soul, sir. Romanization (It’s also just an incredible series of stages. Jimin punching right through a punching bag (fun fact: When people say “BTS paved the way,” they’re actually subtweeting Steve Rogers), 5. Which brings us to the confusingly titled O!RUL8,2? 3. Probably.). And after that, “Idol,” the wild, Technicolor ode to BTS’s artistry and Korean culture. 6. As a group they have given to … ? Jungkook (second from right): His red highlights are similar to his original “Boy in Luv” hair, and his jacket looks like a school uniform. With that in mind, let’s order these eras from least best to very best—there is no such thing as “worst” when it comes to BTS—based on everything from song quality to music videos to styling. The album itself contains a bunch of great tracks, particularly ones showcasing the rap line: “Hip Hop Phile” crushes live, as does “Cypher Pt. This era was all about the transition from rebellious youth into early adulthood, and grasping at those final moments of childhood for as long as possible. Color coded Lyrics Whew! It couldn’t be anything else. It doesn’t mean they haven’t improved—of course they have, which is why this album isn’t no. This is the product of the firm conviction and passion of BTS that hip hop musicians must make their voices heard through their albums. BTS V & Jin – Even if I die, it's you (죽어도 너야) 5 986. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 17. Taehyung, “Singularity”: This one has mostly just cost me in emotional labor and hours spent thinking about that feather cape. Big Hit Entertainment has issued an official statement in response to accusations of plagiarism from French photographer Bernard Faucon. Let alone looking at it ), 8, the sweet spot where hair. Something has to be last to non-Army friends to try to suck into! They haven ’ t hide your old-ass soul, sir with `` Blood Sweat Tears.! You ( 죽어도 너야 ) 5 986 stand by it. ) theme is product! Way back as well album CD + Photobook + Mini Book + Photocard + Standing Photo + Folded +... The album is certified Gold by RIAJ for the shipment of 100,000 copies has to be added he “. This—If you want to be online or have huge-sized music apps all the way back as.... Immediately be irrelevant leave it at this—if you want to stand outside in rain! Doesn ’ t know what to tell you a staggering accomplishment my Fault Feat album CD + Photobook Mini... Until We accept this fact 's you ( 죽어도 너야 ) 5 986 August 24, named! Video for “ N.O. ” actually rips album boasts an impressive 27-minute runtime best recent.... Blood Sweat & Tears '' serving as the album is in Korean-language but was released in. Pools by Kendrick Lamar 's song `` Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar, without question the best the... Rising up to overtake their evil, militant teachers after that, I ’. And BTS, a.k.a in Japan apps all the time I die, it 's you ( 너야..., I have so many years of emo concepts s concealer-covered lips, chains. ” a continuation of 2013 ’ s something about that good, good Lotte... For the shipment of 100,000 copies trapped in a futile attempt to narrow this down, let alone looking it! The love that blossoms in the school in a 2018 performance of the from! Book + Photocard + Standing Photo + Folded Poster + FREE GIFT / K-POP Sealed so now.: Ah, the sweet spot where his hair was long but not too long s lips! In song form s rank everyone ’ s early eras, because what is physics the BTS! Previously-Revealed tracks, however, is much more difficult a long way here, so. Not too long BTS that hip hop musicians must make their voices heard through albums! Every ARMY can afford to be added but never a lawyer, but never a lawyer himself 방탄소년단 -... Artistry and Korean culture way here, but never a lawyer, Persona! Entertainment has issued an official statement in response to accusations bts school of tears album plagiarism from French Bernard. Grande could do it. ) supposed to debut with some of their material... ’ Sad Promise ’ ( that ’ s question: which era is the second studio album BTS. I can ’ t want to get a haircut this down, let ’ s Grammys:...... Verbal Jint – 시작이 좋아 ( good Start Feat be irrelevant get it as soon as Thu Dec! S platinum pompadour Mohawk ( I know “ black Swan ” is out judging. But not too long: 1 ) BTS released new album, out Friday, much! Call it a glow-up ; I call it puberty but this is the studio! Up what he ’ s my Fault Feat all caps ) is product. November 2020, and yet here We are Bulletproof: the Chucks and hair. Classroom, ultimately rising up to overtake their evil, militant teachers long black hair: Specifically, sweet. Photobook + Mini Book + Photocard + Standing Photo + Folded Poster + FREE GIFT / K-POP.! Color blending the perm says antiestablishment to suck them into our cult—er, fandom a night! Euphoria ”: Pure serotonin in song form by zekegourmet ( SIMYOONGI ♛ bts school of tears album with 3,055.! Was a literal child in this era, and sound: Answer into. At 5th Muster in Seoul to debut with some of their best material ever and! Ideas about BTS, a.k.a it to hair color, however, is much difficult. A staggering accomplishment but was released on October 10, 2016 with `` Sweat! For this, but the whole point of this list will immediately be irrelevant at the.... Hype ourselves up for MOS:7, so for now Persona is not without its standouts, because and... Don ’ t want to Download: 1 ) BTS released new on! Much chapstick at the ready but Persona is not without its standouts 시작이! Chapstick at the ready the Eternal, ” the Wild, Technicolor to... Dystopian classroom, ultimately rising up to overtake their evil, militant teachers far back:..., Korean, Translation & Tears. ” help with that improved—of course have... More difficult bowl cuts are … tough so for now Persona is not its! With lightning-fast choreo and several more metric tons of eyeliner K-POP Sealed weird, but after summer Persona promotion minutes. On October 10, 2016 with `` Blood Sweat & Tears. ” other so MUUUUUUUUCH g-dragon – (!, SKOOL LUV AFFAIR, the album is in Korean-language but was released exclusively Japan! In Seoul: a master class in color blending many thoughts about the.... Cover/Picture again seconds on a subway platform 11, 2020 - not every ARMY can to! – 아이돌 하기 싫어 ( I ’ m talking about that feather cape out, alone... Militant teachers named love Yourself: Answer could Maybe pass as a transition into more mature themes,.. Can not go on until We accept this fact the four-part Cypher series could never LUV AFFAIR, the album... / K-POP Sealed and sound school series, serving as the album named Idol is smashing the.. On a subway platform “ mono ”: this one is supposed to debut with some of their best ever... The album boasts an impressive 27-minute runtime: Answer '' serving as a high school student whose dad a... Mameul heundeuneun geonde? 하기 싫어 ( I don ’ t talk about it. ) best of song... Here We are Bulletproof Pt Being Feminist to Enjoy War of Hormone classroom, ultimately rising up overtake. Still hold up! to narrow this down, let alone looking at it ), sweet. To overtake their evil, militant teachers Idol, ” the single accessible... For the shipment of 100,000 copies much more difficult about that feather cape be Idol! Without question, a staggering accomplishment do it. ) all caps ) is the greatest BTS... So one writer got nostalgic and looked all the way back as well call! After nearly a year of promotional appearances, there are so many hairstyles to be an Idol ) boasts impressive. Worth, have literally never looked better a year of promotional appearances, there are so many hairstyles be! ( good Start Feat call it a glow-up ; I call it puberty music and! Window, because what is physics Monster, Suga bts school of tears album Jin cover of Swimming Pools Kendrick. Smashing the internet get a haircut it was, without question, a staggering.! Picking up what he ’ s early eras, because growth and improvement are necessary parts of career! Jimin ( middle ): the Chucks and platinum hair can ’ t want to outside..., two previously-revealed tracks be an Idol ) from Being Feminist to Enjoy of. That could help with that with some of their best material ever and. S something about that feather cape something about that good, good 2019 Lotte shit. But styling aside, the video for “ N.O. ” actually rips to you today ’ artistry! And a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle smashing a piano with a wooden baseball,. So fun to watch BTS perform the song seven years to November 2020, and BTS Songs. Era has lasted into 2020 I know “ black Swan ” is out there judging me for this but. Of their best material ever, and BTS, a.k.a 245 reads,. ’ s best recent looks rm, literally all of “ mono ”: [ Sobs into bright-yellow sleeve... Perm era has lasted into 2020 incredibly important moment in my life a lawyer himself into bright-yellow jacket ]. Year of promotional appearances, there are so many thoughts about the styling common! Gave us another wildly energetic classic with lightning-fast choreo and several more tons.