For me, it came down to learning some new skills and saving lots of money! It allows you to change the angle, which will be amazing for those long, hot summer afternoons. I used Thompson’s Water Seal and a paint roller; just make sure to follow the instructions on the container! Which is to use 2 x 6 pressure-treated beams spaced 24 in. It’s simply strategically placing a seam (or seams, on bigger decks) and using the same length boards for each section. See more DIY projects here on The Home Depot Blog, and follow our Easy DIY Projects board on Pinterest. With only 3/4-in. DIY Network has a completely free plan that will help you complete a DIY deck in just a few days. In the meantime, kick things off with our deck building … This is particularly true of eight-footers because those are often the leftovers from “peeling logs,” the outer layers of which have been shaved off to make plywood veneer. How to Build a Deck: Design and Layout The first step in building your dream deck is to create a plan. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions and some safety tips to help you learn how to build a raised deck. But it’s easy to strengthen them and spruce them up. Remember you only have to plane one side (the side that will be seen)! The first step is to create a plan. Also sand off the edges of the end-caps you just added to make those corners a little smoother. And, I didn’t have to cut any corners— I ended up with a stunning deck that is now ready to enjoy for the entire summer, and it only took a couple of days of work! Of course, you know it won’t, but you want to believe that you did such a good job that it’ll outlive the house and certainly the neighbor’s deck. UPDATE: Avoid Common Deck-Building Mistakes. That can cause problems, especially with wood decks. How to Make a Tufted Wingback Headboard 31 Photos. And to make it even easier, we've compiled all the resources you need to build a DIY deck. There are many ways to build a deck. YES! gaps at the ends so end grain can dry out after it gets wet. This guide will offer some basic instructions on how to build a 12x20-foot deck, including the preliminary elements with a foundation of concrete piers, and steel reinforcement set in soil, using 2x8 joists and 2x6 decking.. Leave the area for the staircase free … Because this is all about how to build your own deck, and make … For more details and tips for creating a cozy and intimate space in your own backyard, see my new deck reveal here on The Home Depot Blog. But think about it next time to figure out the best approach. And since the board ends have to be tight, untreated wood will rot. How to Host a Stock-the-Garage Wedding Shower 15 Photos. To start, just select some of the options below. Building one begins with determining the sizes of the framing material. Deck blocks are ready to have the edge of a 2 x 6 placed into it. This includes deciding on size and materials, and laying out the deck in your yard. Hand Planer - 205509610, 8-Piece High-Density Polyester Knit Paint Tray Kit - 100064287, #9 x 3 in. Build a Basic Deck The easiest deck to build is an on-grade deck. We use a faster, more material-efficient method we call seaming. Use a long level on top of your joist beams to ensure your deck is perfectly flat. And, if you know me at all, I love the color white so much, so of course I stained my deck opaque white! Wood installed outdoors immediately starts shrinking — or in some conditions, expanding — mostly in width. And it might if you put it … One side is constructed on the ground complete with both top rail, bottom rail, and pickets and finished when placed between porch columns. To build a deck railing, start by figuring out how many posts you need, then cut your wood to size and install the posts. And unlike string, a frame gives you a solid guide to mark footing holes and align post bases. High-Style Decks + Deck Building Tips 6 Videos. Thank you to them for giving me the courage to try something new! Install the railing kit according to the manufacturer's instructions and determine where a staircase will be installed. You may also need to use a jig saw like this Ryobi jig saw to cut around drain pipes, or fencing on the edge of your deck like I did. Follow her step-by-step tutorial to create a similar DIY deck for your backyard. I think this is my most DIY favorite project I have ever done, and The Home Depot definitely made it all happen! That allows for one-inch overhangs and cutting off some bad ends. Build the deck flooring by laying down the treated decking boards parallel to one another on top of the elevated box frame and screwing down tight with the wood screws. How to Build a Backyard Playhouse 32 Photos. Building a Deck: It's time to go all out. Leave a three-inch step. They don’t need to be level with each other but should be level with the ground, so shovel the ground as needed. For me, I decided to use 2 x 4 Douglas Fir wood (simple framing-wood), because it is inexpensive, but still extremely strong. Here’s our guide for all things treated lumber. You don’t want any pesky weeds coming up through your deck when it’s all finished! When buying 4x4s, don’t just sight them for straightness; always look at the ends. There are a number of hardwoods and composite materials from which you can build your deck. Did I screw more screws in a 48-hour period than my entire life combined? How to Build a Deck - Deck and Porch Railing Construction The best deck railing patterns often consist of double top and bottom rails and sandwiched porch railing pickets. By placing the deck blocks carefully at the outset, a deck can be quickly assembled in a matter of hours. The traditional way most builders go about building a deck is to randomly stagger joints. We Recommend. Before allowing the concrete to cure for 48 hours, embed a J-bolt into each caisson (Image 2). This is where all the magic happens, and all the amazing products I decorated with from The Home Depot really made this whole project come together. Your local utility company will mark the location of any water, gas, and power lines in your yard. The support for these joists provided by concrete deck piers needs to be placed at least every 8 feet. It makes everything look planned and polished. Avoid digging near any … But it has the same structural elements as any deck—ledger, joists, beams and piers. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms of Use which constitute a legal agreement between you and, 2 in. why you should be careful when selecting 4×4 lumber, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. The style of deck you choose to build determines how you use your deck, as well as how you build it. If you can get your hands on a wood planer, use it! The result is that end-to-end deck boards share the 1-1/2-in. Not so with deck stairs. It’s nearly impossible to flash between ledgers and thresholds if the decking is flush to thresholds. It's much easier just to purchase a set of metal outdoor steps at the hardware store and bolt them on instead of building them from wood. Absolutely. Someone who actually reads how-to manuals? Tip: Create yourself a simple template out of a see-through material so you know exactly where to place your screws, then they will line up perfectly. Philips Bugle-Head Coarse Thread Sharp Point Polymer Coated Exterior Screw (1 lb./Pack) - 205318083, 4.8 Amp Corded Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw - 205105611, the perfect place for outdoor entertaining. Before you begin. The umbrella is extremely sturdy, and very functional. Was it a little scary purchasing hundreds of dollars of lumber for a project I’d never attempted before? To build a deck, start by: 1. Avoid problems related to digging deck footings near retaining walls. The price may shock you (they cost four times as much), but you’ll never go back to lags. Alexi blogs about DIY projects, design and entertaining at Seeking Alexi. Are you the do-it-for-me kind of homeowner? One of the pleasures of building a good, solid deck is believing that it’ll last forever. Splashing water rots out wood casing and jamb trim. And of course, the two largest staple-pieces to the whole thing is the stunning deck furniture and overhanging umbrella. The support for these joists provided by concrete deck piers needs to be placed at least every 8 feet. Seaming also works well for solid composite decking, which comes in fewer lengths. I am not a professional carpenter or contractor, but this project is easy enough to do. I highly recommend it! I love that saw so much! If you want to make your low-level deck as inexpensive and simple as possible, follow what I did! This part is not rocket science, just takes a little bit of time. And, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the Hampton Bay Mill Valley Collection. They don’t look as professional as miters at first, but they look better in the long run. If your deck calls for concrete piers or footings set in the ground, call 811 before you dig. Choose the materials to make your deck from. Which is to use 2 x 6 pressure-treated beams spaced 24 in. Use ¼ in. It cut everything so smoothly, and even has a laser line that appears to make it extra easy for you. It will make sure all your wood is the same height and also give those rough 2 x 4s a beautiful, smooth finish. apart on-center. For a 16-ft.-wide deck, I might seam it to have a four foot “sidewalk” down the middle for zero waste. One way to build a ground level deck with simple construction, without breaking the bank, is to use prefabricated deck blocks for your foundation. And because there isn’t much meat to attach posts or pickets to, you’ll have wobbly handrails, too. Then, buy balusters and wood according to your measurements or cut the wood down to … thickness of each joist. If the screws stick out, people may trip or snag their shoes as they walk. Make sure you give plenty of time to dry between coats, and also a couple days of drying time before you place anything heavy on your deck so it has time to cure. How to Build a Floating Deck from DIY … They get nailed to wall studs for stability and are hidden once the house is finished. And those leaves will get blown or kicked into the house every time the door opens. Overall, creating my own deck was an incredible experience. Crews of workers magically transform empty backyards into multi-level decks within minutes. And last but not least, water will inevitably work its way under any threshold and rot out the subfloor and then the framing. Here’s our guide for all things treated lumber. To pay someone to build a deck my size with typical materials would cost between $6,000 and $8,000! Adding a deck can add significant value to your home as well. of nailing surface, fasteners will cause ends to split. Why build your own deck? A backyard deck is an excellent way to expand outdoor living space, but decks can be complicated, time consuming and pricey. I did three thin coats to get that bright, white color. Pour Concrete After mixing a batch of concrete, shovel it into the holes and lop off the excess using a spare wood stake (Image 1). Try to avoid 4x4s that include the center of the tree, especially anywhere near the center of the 4×4. Construction screws may look wimpy, but they’re actually stronger than lags.