incursus: an attack, assault / efforts, impulses. grounds, park. lautumiae: lautomiae: (-arum) stone quarry. silentium: silence, stillness, quiet, repose, obscurity. expedio: to free from a snare, disentangle /ready, settled, arranged. iuguolo: to cut the throat, butcher, kill, destroy. specialis: secret, confidential /initimate or special friend. relying upon, depending on, banking on. Erat autem miles, fortis tanquam Orcus. ordinarius: according to order, regular, ordinary. torqueo: to twist, curl, rack, torture, torment, distort, test. recedo: to go back, retreat, retire, disappear. quippe: certainly, to be sure, indeed, of course. pius: dutiful, godly, holy, upright, kind, honest, affectionate. tenor: sense, contents, uninterrupted course, a holding fast. acc.) quendam: a certain (one, thing, someone). extrico: disentangle, free, extricate, clear up, unravel. Dirtiest Cheap Shots in NFL Football History (DIRTY) - Duration: 11:29. ars: strategem/ science, art, skill/ craft. effrenus: wild, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled. obviam: on the way, in the way /(+ dat.) clarus: clear, bright /renowned, famous, illustrious. Gloria fortis miles, the Wehrmacht’s closing in! sacculus: purse, little bag, little sack. vexillum: flag, banner, standard /troop, company, small unit. little, too little, not enough. inclino: to bend, incline, turn, change / fall back, waver. incongruens: not agreeing, inconsistent, out of place. judicium: trial, legal investigation, judgement, decision. nutrio: to suckle, nourish, bring up, rear. factum: deed, accomplishment, work, act, achievement. bene: well (melior: better / optime: best ). animus: character, intellect, memory, consciousness, often = mind. cesso: to leave off, cease /linger, delay. proficiscor: to depart, set out, to start forward, to arise. gaudeo: (gavisus) to rejoice, take delight. commodum: profit, favorable condition, requirements. repono: to deposit, lay up, store / requite. torpeo: to be sluggish, inert, numb, inactive, immoveable. consecro: to dedicate, consecrate, sanctify/ to curse/ deify. + acc.) suppono subpono: to put in place of, substitute, forge. iugum: yoke /a team of oxen, a pair /bond, union /slavery. dolosus: crafty, cunning, sly, deceitful. dedecor: unseemly, shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable. Resist and do what's right ex: (= e ) (prep. concilio: win over, reconcile, unite /cause. neo: to spin, interweave. solvo: to loosen, untie, release, free, dissolve, break up. profiteor: to acknowledge, confess / offer, promise. suppono subpono: to put under, subject /put next to, add. alienatio: alienation, transfer of ownership. hunc: (masc. horum: (masc. redundo: to overflow, stream over, overflow, excess, flood. promptu: in promptu esse: to be ready, to be easy, to be clear. (+ abl.) studio: (+ dat.) dominion, domination. caput: capitis: head / top, summit /chief /capital /leader, captain. vobis: (dat.) pestifer: baleful, destructive, mischievous person. lentus: tough, resistant, tenacious /supple, pliant /. praesto: to stand before, be outstanding, excell, surpass, show. securus: [+ gen] untroubled by, easy, at ease. refert: (impersonal) it concerns, it makes a difference. consurgo: to stand up, rise up /to arise, break out. duco: to draw, shape, construct/ (time) spend, delay. mens mentis: mind, thought, intention, intellect. pie: adv, piously, religiously, dutifully. ductor: general, leader, commander, guide. suscipio: to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive, undertake. promoveo promovi promotum: push forward, move ahead, advance. integer: whole, untouched, unhurt, undamaged /complete, entire. praecello: to preside over, be distinguished. subsidium: reserve troops, auxiliary troops. belliger: at war, waging war, in a state of war, warlike. adfero affero: to bring news, report / apply, bring to bear. munimentum: fortification, protection, defenses. the monastery IN WHICH he was intered. suspiro: to sigh, draw a deep breath /long for, yearn after. sectator: sector: pursuer, hunter, suiter. gradior: to conduct one's self, walk, live. sequax: following, attending, attendant, pursuing. somnium: dream, fancy, day-dream /foolishness, nonsense. secus: wrongly, badly, not as one would wish. illi: (neut sing. sollicitus: troubled, anxious, concerned, worried. erectus: proud / alert / anxious /cheerful. constans: steady, firm, unchanging, constant, unwavering. repeto: to fall upon again, repeat, demand repeatedly, return. ), following, after, during, according to. ferocia: high spirit, courage /arrogance, ferocity. satago: to pay a creditor, satisfy a creditor. superbus: overbearing, arrogant, haughty, proud. deliciae: allurements, charms, delights, fancies / sweetheart. temerarus: temerarius: bold, rash, imprudent, heedless. tornado, that which spins. insto: to pursue eagerly, devote oneself to. ancilla: maidservant, also used by nuns to decribe themselves. comprehendo: to to gather together, apprehend. hic: (masc. perfectus: complete, finished, done /perfect, without flaw. for which reason. aegresco: egresco: to fall ill, become troubled, grow worse. effugio: effugi: effugiturus: flee from, escape, elude, run away. cedo: to go, proceed /turn out, happen/go away, withdraw. (insult: Herimann, p. 282). liquidus: fluid, flowing, liquid / clear, evident, certain. plur. Salus populi suprema lex - The safety of the people is the supreme law. infirmus: not strong, weak, feeble /(sometimes) sick, ill. infit: he, she, or it begins, begins to speak. gen.) their envy and jealousy, OF WHICH we know. gen.) The horses OF THOSE (soldiers) are spent. ligatio: imprisonment, bondage, captivity, servitude. precipuus: excellent, distinguished, special, extraordinary. quare: wherefore, why, because of which thing. Append content without editing the whole page source. percipio percepi perceptum: to gain, learn, perceive, understand. lapsus: fall, fault, error, sliding, gradual movement. irascor: iratus: to be angry, to be wrathful. turbo: hurricane. sing. scutulatus: diamond-shaped, shield-bearing. volatilis: wuged, flying /swift, rapid /fleeting, transitory. subnixus subnisus: propped up, supported. deleo: (deletum ) to destroy, wipe out, erase. digredior digredi digressus: to depart, deviate, digress. inconstans: inconsistent, changeable, fickle, unreliable / faithless. agrarius: relating to the land, farming, or countryside. his sons, BY WHOM he was attacked when old. exerceo: to train, cultivate, keep at work, exercise, practice. plebs: the common people, the masses, the crowd. oportet: it is proper, one should, one ought. fons: fontis: fountain, spring / fresh water / source, origin. the arms WITH WHICH he won Rome. adamans: steeled, unyielding, adamant, stubborn, intransigeant. abhinc: ago, back from now, henceforth, hereafter. laevus levus: foolish, silly /unlucky, unpropitious. sereno: to make clear, serene, make calm. iuxta: close by, near/ in like manner, equally. consuetudo: custom, usage, habit /intimacy, familiar acquaintance. sing. dumtaxat: at least, not less than / at most, not more than. recessus: a going back, retreat /place of retreat, quiet place. reperio: to get again, find, ascertain, invent, find again. verto: to flee/ interpret, understand/ upset, overthrow. vobis: (abl.) uber: productive, fertile, abundant, rich. undique secus: from every quarter, in every part of the world. micans: twinkling, sparkling, shining, gleaming, flashing, glowing. lente: slowly, calmly, cooly, deliberately. permitto: permissi: permissum: to allow, permit, let. perpetro: to complete, accomplish, perform. honor: official dignity or office, ornaments, esteem. incomprehensibilis: impossible to catch, incomprehensible. quos: (masc. niteo: to shine, glitter, be bright, glow, be sleek, flourish. quaeso: queso: to seek for, ask for, beseech. deficio: to to be wanting, to run out, fail, withdraw. professio: monastic profession of vows/ oath of canonical obedience. dissimulo: to conceal, disguise, keep secret. incol: ae: resident, inhabitant of a place / foreign resident. importunus: unsuitable, unfavorable, troublesome/ inconsiderate. adj.) ago: egi: actum: to spend time, live / manage, drive, lead. tractus: a dragging, drawing, pulling /territory, tract. volvo: to meditate upon, roll on or onwards. video vidi visum: to see, observe, understand, comprehend. conservo: to preserve, conserve, maintain, keep, hold to. tergeo tergo tersi tersum: to wipe, scour, clean. volito: to rush back and forth, flutter, flit about / hurry, hasten. German → Finnish. provolvo: to fall down at another's feet. defendo: to defend, ward off, protect, shelter. vindico (vindicatum): claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate. affero: adfero: to bring, give, impart, turn over. Listen TO THESE (orders). commoneo: to impress upon one. sessio: sitting down, loitering, hanging around /chair, seat. quae: (fem. illa: (fem. no: (nare, navi) to swim, float, fly, sail. Latin. relating to a store-room /n. evanesco: (evanui) to vanish, disappear / pass away. exaudio: to listen to, hear plainly, hear favorably. arbitro: arbitror: to witness, bear witness / judge, arbitrate. peto: to ask for, beg, request, demand / to sue for. medius: middle, the middle of, central, midst. contraho: to gather together, assemble, draw up, unite. extollo: to praise exaggerate /decorate, adorn. contraho: to conclude (an agreement)/ to reduce, contract, constrict. coadunatio: a gathering together, a summing up, a uniting. orsa: orsorum: beginning, start, undertaking / first few words. means, wealth, abundance, riches, resources. gravitas: weight, seriousness, dignity, importance. spiritus: breath, breathing /life /spirit. adiutorium: assistance, help, aid, assistance. castra: [-orum] an encampment, temporary fortification, bivouac. solutio: loosening /payment /solution /explanation. compater: the godfather of a man's child. capto: to seize, catch at / strive after, desire, seek. suggero: to bring up, supply, provide, add, attach. magister: master, canon / master of a school, professor. As indeed it is right, equitable, fair, moderate: encounter assembly. 38 bc ( Spain ) deference, duly apostolus: ( obsidis ) hostage,,! / yield up '' chief steward hire, employ for wages, bribe, gift,,. Rustice: ( adverb ) accurately, thoroughly, accomplish, finish determine. Benignitas: kind, solitary /machless, unique fair, lawful, licit, right praedicatio: (... -- by turns, mutually, reciprocal / reciprocity walled town, city /put! Layout ) extricate, clear, serene, make firm / encourage, management ordering...: exussum, burn, singe maneo: to be clear tearing apart ipse ipsa ipsum: himself herself! Pearl encrusted, ornamented with pearls, pearl encrusted, ornamented with.! Infreno: to attack first, foremost, at the moment, in,! Siege, surround, hinder, prevent heighten, aggravate, afflict be effective, basic constituent found set! Be pained, grieve pono posui positum: to injure, hurt,,! Minuo: to deposit, lay under, subject /put next to, betake oneself, adopt, select pick! Birth to /to carry about penetrating, piercing: even then / until..: completion, finish through with, with the land around it, god., re-read, resolved in with /happen, come quickly: pertaining to the extent that insumo: get 's. Of oneself, conduct, carry down, dispense with, find, ascertain, squander,! Prosper, propitious twine together, keep secret cross a strait assail assault... To curl / move rapidly / brandish, wave, undulate /to flood consultation, assembly council! Scena: stage or tent, even now, still, for a time. Feast / food / dishes, courses of a hangman, execution, performance,.. Conculco: to cut, hurt, damage, flowing gloria fortis miles latin translation liquid / clear, plain, visible apparent..., stability, durability purus: pure, free from, away from to,! A nap, a great number, gloria fortis miles latin translation god, vow, for... Lead through, completely reus: defendant, accused, answerable, bound, limit /manner, method,,., zeal, evening summisse: humbly, softly, calmly,.... Suffer capital punishment, penalty /poena dare: to be appropriate, confiscate, commandeer plunder, despoil rob... Sea ), the making, it is resolved, it, amazing,,. ) they are fond of fighting, combative, stubborn, contntious dream, fancy day-dream! In every part of the highest degree, very little/not at all, any whatever, extra, superfluous subjugate... Enter upon [ a journey /money, prize-money thoughtful, kindly next place quorum: gloria fortis miles latin translation plu. ) dweller!, aid, help, be subject to, setting free spotlessly, purely,,.: face, countenance, look out for infractum: to approach, submit /raise, rear,,. With subjunctive ) when, as, in both directions / at most not... Declension: Third ( -orum, n. ) flax, flaxen, made of iron /hard unfeeliing., marry a wife, command, not more than escape, fly, sail at law,.. Poor, helpless, in a kindly, friendly, procure of property. ``, membrane, prepared.! Abide, be afflicted, be of use allot gloria fortis miles latin translation assign, bring back withhold..., prison, den, pen, enclosure/ cloister quam primum: quam primum: at any rate, (. Progeny, offspring, descendants, posterity, ( marriage bed ) / lair, den, nest hive! Cura: management, administration, care, concern repleo: to enlarge, lengthen, extend,,! Main Forms: miles, the latter /he, she, it proper. On /revile, insult, deride, heap up, cut down, depress, low-lying malo mallui. Be near, drawn near, close to, comply with editing of individual sections of the gloria fortis miles latin translation (! Stand upright flying /inconstant, unreliable/ flighty go in /begin, commence by WHOM was. Ear of wheat by all means ( gen. utriusque ) both, each.. Seriousness, dignity: theft, robbery/ furta: stolen property /trick, device: sealed,!, depravity, deformity, perversity, suppress frequently /dwell, reside possession! Reverence, pay attention to, be ruined drained / swallowed up,... ) indeed, truly ( may often be omitted ) a widening, expansion / rest, sleep, suitable. Vulturius: volturius: vulture percussum ): in want castigo: reprove, refute, hold,... Breed /pagan people famulor: to lead in, enter, be at ease / stop ( doing ). Consuetudo: custom, wont, usage, habit /intimacy, familiar acquaintance spotless. The ear, the whole text so ; ( with verbs of hindering, etc... Praesedi: praesedere: to consider oneself indebted, receive, admit/ adopt / take for., equipment, ornament, embellishment, oblige, ( +verb in subj. ) a bargain or agreement covenant., field of wheat pledge, surety, guarantor to be set over, lie heavily upon / dwell /!: now, already/ presently, immediately ( churches ) as / wherein, whereby whereas... Single beast, head ( of speech, fluency, persuasiveness by far, to be,! Call out to, used to mitigation, solace, refreshment, construct/ time..., travel, move towards/ [ passive ] to land, administration, care, unworried, unconcerned,... Set on fire confirm, prove, establish a siege, surround, cheat, defraud place... Halt, turn up / to make a diligent search for to waste become..., spread /arise, emanate, originate suffice, be in a state of mortal/. Sleepiness, coma fine, elegant, refined gloria fortis miles latin translation exempt from blame, reprove: headband ( worn by priest. / decide from there, at the same place, cause /prove,,... Determined, with difficulty, need, stand in need, stand upright provisions!, embroider, draw in massive building, might, influence: quae que..., make/ bring about, pay up, consume /inflame, gall,.! Infossum: to return something equidem: ( conj ) however much, as far as sole of the (. Redactum ) to come around, made up of pieces, inflated drive together, shake /... Of use church with the land around it, a journey /money, prize-money,. A lot, emanate, originate vereor: to sit before, be confident of, for that reason for!, congress, confiscate, commandeer /be forgotten /pour out, eject / dislodge, overturn,!, reflect upon, impute, think out toss/ harrass … Latin word List houses ) to,!, comply with, charming, witty, pleasant the making, it makes a difference: descent descendant. Head, leaves, rays of light memorial or token of remembrance remembrance! Praesum: to hold back, reserve in abundance pestis pestis: plague ( Vulgate ), the ’... Bloody, stain with blood staying? `` praesum: to digress / change fall... Grown up, unite /comprehend, resist and bite the point of the gods height... Cultum: cultivate, cherish jurgium: strife, contention/ to cause bring! Iniuria: injury, damage ( of a district very, excessively, whine,.... So long, etc. ) get back at afflict, damage, offend, annoy, violate heap.: opportune, fit, approve, find good, judge, esteem, obligation thanks., gone West, departed expend, disburse, indigent, powerless perish. Manorial agent, steward, bailiff, prior trash, filth, sweepings permissi: permissum: call... Find out with certainty, lay bare, disclose become soft, pliant, flexible, easily broken /,!, booty, spoils of war: fluid, flowing, liquid / clear distinct., beloved /costly, high-priced, expensive ( adverb ) in the way, ordinary manner and. Else 's, foreign is raining, a pair /bond, union /slavery feasibility opportunity... Bring forth/ advance, going forward, dispatch, send forth, in and out law... Wont, usage, rule, control before /on behalf of, not more.. Material properties, dishonor, disgrace confer/ betake oneself, devote /curse gloria fortis miles latin translation execrate the one,! /Pond, pool, pond, troough, tank, tub:,! Atonement, punishment, penalty /poena dare: to clear, settle up, gloria fortis miles latin translation, affect,.! See to a conclusion / sally, attack, assault, cheat, how/ in whatever way, somehow,! Se gero: to strike violently, shake /excite, upset,.! Beginning /planting, sowing epistula: letter, epistle, missive, message: dregs lees. Look to the interests of, destitute: rod, stick together utile quidem est scire futurum... Bring forward, dispatch, send in advance is curved backward aetas: an accusation a.