To convert a CER certificate to a P12, simply run one command in OpenSSL. Convert code signing certificates from "pfx" to "p12" format leena. I checked key file and it is PEM formatted. I know this is how I do it when I don't have an intermediate certificate: openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privateKey.key -in certificate.crt -certfile CACert.crt Back to PSCP, users are required to use the private key they generated while converting the .pem file to the .ppk file. Windows - convert a .pem file to a .ppk file. So you need to convert it into “p12 format” which the jarsigner can understand. Convert PEM to P7B. For detailed steps, see Convert your private key using PuTTYgen. CONVERT FROM DER FORMAT . Converting a .pem file to a .ppk using PuTTYgen may now seem simple. I'd like to convert a PEM(+key) certificate to a *.p12 file. First import the certificate saved in step 1 into Mozilla as follows: Convert your SSL certificate between PEM/PKCS#7/PKCS#12 formats online. Windows - convert a .ppk file to a .pem file. No certificate matches private key. CER and P12 are both types of digital security certificates created with the OpenSSL program. Breaking down the command: Convert fullchain PEM & Private Key (Let’s Encrypt) to PFX/P12 openssl pkcs12 -export -out -inkey privkey.pem -in fullchain.pem Tip: If you are scripting the certificate export, you can specify the password so that it does not prompt you for it by using the “-passout pass:” paramter. I am trying to convert two certificates files: .key and .pem to .p12 using OpenSSL: openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey testcsr1.key -in wss-test.pem -out wss-test.p12 As a result I get error: Loading 'screen' into random state - done. DER a binary form of PEM. P12 is a type of encryption within the more well-known PFX family (it shares the extension). openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privateKey.key -in certificate.crt -certfile CACert.crt. Convert PEM to PFX. For that you need to use Mozilla. Extensions of PFX-file - .pfx and .p12. February 6, 2010. Choose the .ppk file, and then choose Open. Execute the following OpenSSL command to create a PKCS12 (.p12) file: openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey cert_key_pem.txt -in cert_key_pem.txt -out cert_key.p12 If you obtained a certificate and its private key in PEM or another format, you must convert it to PKCS#12 (PFX) format before you can import the certificate into a Windows certificate store on a View server. For Actions, choose Load, and then navigate to your .ppk file. PKCS#12 (PFX) format is required if you use the Certificate Import wizard in … The above information also briefs users on using PuTTY’s SSH client to connect virtual servers with local machines. Start PuTTYgen. The commands below demonstrate examples of how to create a .pfx/.p12 file in the command line using OpenSSL: PEM (.pem, .crt, .cer) to PFX openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privateKey.key -in certificate.crt -certfile more.crt. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory that contains the cert_key_pem.txt file. Start PuTTYgen, and then convert the .pem file to a .ppk file. Most of these files are used on Windows machines for the purpose of import and export for private keys and certificates. openssl crl2pkcs7 -nocrl -certfile certificate.cer -out certificate.p7b -certfile CACert.cer. SSL converter - Use OpenSSL commands to convert your certificates to key, cer, pem, crt, pfx, der, p7b, p12, p7c, PKCS#12 and PKCS#7 format. PHP SDK users don't need to convert their PEM certificate to the .p12 format. It has extension .der or .cer.