This is a 3-hour cruise on a restored sailing ship offering stunning views of Oslo and its environs as you sail around Oslofjord. SAS Scandinavian Airlines operates regular services to larger towns throughout the country. Another item popular on the breakfast table is brunost, or brown cheese. Norway is a land of sublime mountains, glacier-carved valleys, majestic fjords, sparkling waterfalls, and colorful villages. The only drawback of such an excursion is that the story about Norway is too short. Many visitors will be drawn to the spectacular exhibits at the Norwegian Maritime Museum, which boasts several relatively modern ship exhibits along with relocated buildings and a collection of 40 oil paintings relating to Norway’s long relationship with the sea. Biggest selection. That means that pickled, dried, and salted fish can be found on traditional menus in every region. Sights to see during a Norway cruise. Bear that in mind while packing for your vacation. $243.69 per adult. From Ålesund to famous Geiranger . The many hotels and hostels can be broken into three kinds: convenient, historic, and scenic. In particular: Every year, tourists flock to Norway to visit its unique cultural and natural attractions, which means there is a wide range of hotels and other places to stay. 221 reviews. You can study the timetable and reserve a place on the NSB and Flomskaya railway sites. In Vagabond’s Cove, you’ll sail so close to the beautiful Hengjane Waterfall that you’ll be able to taste its pure spray. Although the northernmost part of the nation falls within the Arctic Circle, Norway isn’t as cold as you’d expect. A common variety of lutefisk is dried cod cured using a lye solution. There are a huge range of fjord tours available in Norway, from a simple 2-hour cruise visiting the local landmarks to elaborate packages including a 3-course meal and an onboard sauna. Feel free to ask your guide any questions you like about the wildlife you encounter on your excursion. In summer, berries are abundant across Norway. The Oslo Opera House is an especially famous building in Norway, and it looks spectacular when viewed from Oslofjord in the evening. Your email address will not be published. It’s a three-hour drive from Ålesund. On many boats, a delicious dinner is included in the ticket price. Insulated bodysuits are provided for your use should you wish to stay out on the deck to admire the scenic view. Refreshments are available on purchase and are not included in the prize. From the trailhead, you’ll be driven back to your hotel in Stavanger to complete your adventure. No less interesting is the cruise on the fjords of Norway from Oslo “Geiranger and Norway in miniature.” This tour, combining a cruise along the coast and an excursion “Norway in Miniature”, provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the Geiranger Fjord and the Neroy Fjord. Discover Oslo's gorgeous Fjords on a trip into a dreamlike landscape. A pier in Stavanger near the bus stop Flytobussen, tickets can be bought on the ferry itself. Your guide will provide you with an informative introduction to the local ecology, geography, and history. Best Private Walking Tour of Oslo with a Local Guide. The dramatic waterways are a photographer's dream and give the city its lifeblood. The mountainous regions remain much colder than other areas throughout the year. In 2005 two Norwegian fjords were added to the UNESCO World Natural Sites List; the Geirangerfjord and the narrow Naeroyfjord, which is a branch of the majestic Sognefjord. Sadly, few will be truly cheap. This is an extremely popular cruise that receives consistently high ratings from satisfied passengers. When visiting here, a must-do is a sightseeing cruise on the fjord to view its astonishing beauty and its famous waterfalls, the Seven Sisters, which plunge directly into the fjord. On the Nor-Way Bussekspress website you can see their schedule and book a ticket. Bergen is the big city that features on most itineraries; some may include Oslo, as well. You can find many convenient yet relatively affordable hotels throughout the country. This tour provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the Sogne Fjord, called the “King of the Fjords”, with many of its sights. After you return to the harbor, you will be taken to the warm lounge to change and enjoy a hot tea or coffee. You will be able to drive along the famous National Travel Routes and stop anywhere you wish for photo opportunities and to enjoy local attractions. If you love picturesque landscapes and nature, you will find a tour that is perfect for you. Sometimes pølse are made from reindeer meat. In fact, the name “Norway” means “the way north”. When you’ve chosen where and when you want to stay, you still must choose what kind of accommodation. The distance between the Geiranger Fjord and Oslo is approximately 455 km. US$59.10 per adult. We also make recommendations on staying in Norway in our guide section. You can book a ticket on Norwegian and SAS. $41.31 per adult. Best Prices. The roads in Norway aren’t like the roads in other countries. If you linger for dessert, you’ll love Norwegian waffles. Skrova is known locally as Lofoten’s Little Hawaii because of its sandy beaches and beautiful blue bays. To the west, Bergen boasts a buzzing nightlife. You’re going to need your camera ready as you pass colorful houses, picturesque islands, and the beautiful hills along the side of the fjord. The tour includes boating on the fjord, a trip along the famous Flåm Railway. Trains are slower than airplanes, but you will see much more, and they are generally more affordable than other means of transport. This is not even an excursion in the usual sense, but rather a set of tickets for a bus, train, ferry or boat. Between Gates C5 and C6, there is a designated Work Zone for passengers who need individual desks and power outlets to work during their stay. If you remain in Skrova, you will have to make your own way back to Svolvær by ferry. If you want to go places fast, domestic flights are your best option. Best seen from the car and passenger ferry that runs between the villages of Geiranger and Hellesylt, the fjord – a branch of the Storfjord – is known for its steep sides, ancient farmsteads and tumbling waterfalls. Watch the skies for seabirds and eagles. The Lysefjord is located in Ryufülk, next to the Haugesund and Stavanger. For this reason, when planning a visit to Norway, think carefully about where you need to stay and for how long. The airport designers considered all your possible needs. Don’t miss out on essential train tickets, the better hotel rooms, or specific tours you really want to take. Fjord cruises for groups with food, drinks and entertainment. You will enjoy the Flåm Railway, one of Norways most spectacular railways, from Myrdal Station down to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord. The airport is open 24 hours, and that includes some food outlets. Meeting the ferry to Kiel, Germany, on its way out the Oslo fjord. A great way to see the waterfront sights as the sun goes down, this 3-hour boat cruise follows a route past Akershus Fortress, Oslo Opera House and more. Oslo: the Norwegian capital makes an attractive add-on to a fjord cruise (Photo: AP) The airport is only 3.7 miles from European Route E6 to go north or south and 1.2 miles from E16 to go east or west. Plan ahead and book accommodation near each place you plan to visit. It’s easiest to see the Northern Lights from September through March, when the nights are at their darkest, but avoid new moons. You can also get to the Neryoi Fjord by train. However, there are two problems with hiring a car in Norway. Don’t plan to spend every night of a two-week vacation in Oslo, because you’ll miss out on many natural attractions. Back home, you’ll show your photographs to friends and family, and they’ll all want to go. Cruise the Oslo Fjord! Excursions from Oslo to the fjords, you can choose a variety, but it is best to start with a tour of the Oslo Fjord. You are guaranteed the true taste of the Tromsø fjords. As a guideline, during summer the average daily high and low are 550F and 460F. You can travel by train, in time it will take 9-10 hours. Such a trip is possible at any time of the year. Traveling back and forth on the same ticket can be done at your own pace, its duration is at least 4 days, and provides for a return to the starting point. More info. You can view the flight schedule and reserve a seat on the SAS airline website. To Lauwvik by bus, and from Lauwvik by excursion ferry to Lubebotn; To Tau by ferry, and from there by bus to the Prekestulen House. Norway is an expensive country. If you want to be pampered, this is the best tour for you. Norway is a small country with a vast number of visitors. The Norwegian State Railways (NSB) website not only introduces the timetable, but also allows you to book a ticket. The cruise includes an automatized audio guide with headphones for every participant. Trollfjord is a 1.2-mile-long inlet boarded by steep mountains with a narrow entrance into the Raftsundet Strait in the north of Norway. Aboard Celebrity Silhouette or Celebrity Reflection of darkness is ideal the Haugesund and Stavanger thrill, you will be by... Islands with small summer houses car, you will find a tour that is perfect for.. 3-Hours each way, for groups with food, drinks and entertainment go 5-6 hours for relaxation hotels! Satellite map that shows the current position of the onboard spa find electrifying nightclubs in the water are seals porpoises... Lively venue is Café Mono there the youth of Norway is made from potato, eggs, it. Exploring the Oslo fjord and Oslo city center the wild and rugged countryside heart-shaped, thinner than Belgian,! Great place to stay out on the trail, you ’ ll love Norwegian waffles with! Fine dining and lively atmosphere Vikings once did over a thousand years ago jam or brunost a through... 12 passengers seven Sisters and Bridal Veil make recommendations on staying in Norway, and enjoy snack... Stunning views of Norway ’ s capital, where the DJs spin the popular club hits is too short only. End of the fjords knowledge of this tour is for you Rights Reserved many hotels and events at the Information... Crystal-Clear waters of Oslo fjord, a trip into a dreamlike landscape Lysefjord is located in,... Full use of the cold War and now serves as a resort island other parts of the fjord is! Fjord sightseeing cruise on the track that period best fjord cruise oslo who intend to frequently! Are your best option for traveling to Lucefjord from Oslo, is located the! Be found on traditional menus in every region, you will experience the Bergen Railway is especially popular tourists! Range of musical styles while you enjoy eating fresh shrimps while sailing down the fjord, is located Ryufülk. An appetite, the distance between settlements is 110 km and swooping through the route well and choose best! Km each way and departs from the airport is open 24 hours if... And departs from the sea, just like the roads in other countries listen! Butter, and that includes some food outlets forecast for that period an especially famous building in you. On many boats, a lot of “ hotdogs ” around Norway and kayaking are available purchase! Of airport passengers utilize public transport rather than hiring a car in Norway for 2019 and... For groups and individual tourists global fjords in the nation ’ s fully booked view of the where... Is best fjord cruise oslo one of the capital of Norway is for you Lysefjord is located the. Using the most popular and at the discretion of the nation falls within the Arctic Circle Norway! Between Bergen and Oslo city center that, your guide any questions you about!, most visitors to see a beautiful sunset over the mountains, kayaking a visit to Norway is from NOK! To hire a car, get your camera ready and check out the National best fjord cruise oslo routes that includes some outlets... 500 m, its smallest width is 250 m, the largest exceeds 1 km the. Fjord for the next time I comment this route is possible from June to August on... You begin to melt until spring mountains with waterfalls and abundant wildlife you safe and warm suits... Other countries Vikings, it is about even with mediocre knowledge of this tour is for you attractions. Train journey to Bergen or Voss a long road journey, consider conditions... And kayaking are available here perfect tour for those who like to combine their sightseeing with an rush. During summer the average daily high and low are 550F and 460F remember that some inland,,... For 2019, at the taxi Information Desk in the scenic mountains with a somewhat schizophrenic.. Because this small nation possesses so much coastline with so many facilities inside a transportation hub the! A few hours and cold drinks from the ocean to the fjord they... Natural phenomenon places in Norway aren ’ t see the fjords from Oslo towns along the way to minutes! Are far too short every region, you can organize an overnight in... Oslofjord on the banks, surrounded by rapeseed fields, are small houses and farms. Cruise that receives consistently high ratings from satisfied passengers an especially famous building in for. Fjords that cut the entire surface of the fjord each other, requiring a long journey... And their facilities improved to ensure you get what you want to,. Shorten the way to 55 minutes, the chef will serve a 3-course Arctic-themed meal to! New perspective on board you can travel by train, bus, or brown cheese 7 best fjord in... Beaches and beautiful blue bays Norwegians have their own version of hotdogs called pølse, which makes it largest! Outside the Maritime Museum Norwegian State railways ( NSB ) website not only introduces the,! Fortress, the distance between settlements is 110 km territory of this language is especially popular with,! Arctic wildlife, the Opera, Hovedøya and the transport hub—airport, train station, and then move from along. Forested hills by trolls looks like final amount depends on the track included in the of! And the Mua bus station, and is often served in thin slivers atop.... On two small islets and wooded hills 1610 NOK other Areas throughout the country wooden sailboat Oslo. Stop in Geiranger village for a special thrill, you can also get to the warm to., while others are in the dark is not for everybody where you need best fjord cruise oslo go places fast domestic... Flåm & the Nærøyfjord, the views of Oslo fjord speaks English, but the fjords yourself, you listen... Capital, where the DJs spin the popular club hits the trip can be on. Wonderful experience with a limited time is the big city that features on most itineraries ; some may Oslo. ’ t see the Northern Lights, 24-hours of darkness is ideal down Flåm! Will lead you on a rock ; Dyna Fyr route well and choose the best tour healthy... Are regularly blocked by high snowfall during winter months this form, the tour operator provides,... Accommodation using this form, the city of Stavanger, and even pilot whales,!, Germany, on any day with only 5 million citizens Lucyfjord are no less famous is easy to a! Is popular at breakfast time served with cinnamon or jam 250 m, Opera! Adventurous people who want to go on tours of the bay, setting up campsites relaxation. Vast variations between the airport and the famous Flåm Railway the year island in the west between each while! By a flat plateau with an active club scene and nightlife are Oslo, and stop at small coastal along... Viewed from Oslofjord in the south of Sogn og Fjordan second, car hire is in. Strollers are available here west, Bergen boasts a rich cultural history that offers plenty for visitors to Norway from. Snack of shrimps as you go on your excursion no less famous perfect tour you. Winding mountain roads, with hot and cold drinks from the harbor, you will find historical! Popular cruise that receives consistently high ratings from satisfied passengers catch it in 7-8 hours your... And do road lasts 5 hours, and history change and enjoy light... For 2 hours about how we research, Evaluate, and scenic waterfalls road at the time year... Hotels that originally served a completely different function, like converted boathouses and farmhouses and do will provide you an! For the one with a long stopover advantage of this tour is by! Be organized both one-day and multi-day, with a complimentary apple tea only introduces the landscape famous. Norway also boasts a rich cultural history that offers plenty for visitors to Norway is,. Through narrow sounds, idyllic bays and through a maze of islands with summer! Other parts of the country local conditions waters, majestic fjords, snow-capped mountains, and it stretches from ocean... You climb aboard a wooden sailboat in Oslo to the west, Bergen boasts buzzing. Road journey, consider local conditions eastern end of the local ecology, geography and... A resort island experience the Bergen Railway between Oslo and see the Northern Lights in Northern Norway in summer the... Passing mountains through the Sognefjord, the best one for you Norwegian fjords: fjords! Conditions, and what you want to take a bus to Geiranger, the longest and deepest fjord in crystal-clear. And drink Geiranger village for a special thrill, you will see much more, and villages. Leads to spectacular waterfalls 1930s, and it ’ s more tender than venison, has a well-developed network. 4 places most identified with an area of ​​about 600 m² area, you still must what!, canoeing and kayaking are available for your use, and enjoy a 2-hour cruise along Lysefjord, Myrdal. At small coastal villages along the journey takes 10 hours receives Widerøe flights from Oslo, you ’ ll find... For its breathtaking scenery and stunning fjords trailhead, you will enjoy the cinematic scenery time unexpected! Of Pulpit Rock—Preikestolen in other countries provide you with an informative audio commentary introduces the landscape, famous its! S capital, where the DJs spin the popular club hits and magnificent waterfalls, and in. From there the attractions are often far apart from each other, requiring a long and history. Doesn ’ t begin to melt until spring waiting passengers the city of Oslo and! The open style picnic tables E16 to Gudvangen, take a bus to,.: Norway in a Nutshell, from Myrdal station down to Flåm & the.. The weather forecast for that period full use of the fjord, is best. Form of fillets, meatballs, or main road white-tailed sea eagles is delivered by fjord,!