This solution is becoming increasingly popular as it combines the best aspects of a dual RCD unit and main switch consumer unit. We also feature boards pre-fitted with surge protection, providing optimal and assured protection. the consumer unit or distribution board, hence one device will provide protection for all outgoing circuits on that distribution board. Also features 20mm and 32mm knockouts on all sides. Hager VML916RKO 16 way, split load High Integrity consumer unit. If you want to conduct a piece of electrical repair or are going through an emergency situation, you’ll be turning off the consumer unit’s main switch. It’s just one reason why you should always test that the power has been shut off after you’ve deactivated the main switch. A three-phase neutral board controls electricity through alternating currents with the same frequency and voltage. You’ll also need to test the RCD every month to make sure it’s working perfectly. Three-phase neutral board. Learn. The enclosure is designed to accommodate two further BG Electrical breakers (only BG breakers have been tested and certified as suitable for use) and the busbar has the capacity to connect them as well. Wylex certainly boasts a superior lineage; they introduced the first ever consumer unit in 1897. IP65 Consumer Unit with 100 Amp Isolator Switch and 4 x Circuit Breakers 6A 10A 16A 20A Electrical Supply Outdoor IP65 Weatherproof 4.5 out of 5 stars 16. £243.46 ex vat. An RCD also provides protection against electrical fires caused by earth faults. Metal 14 to 19 Way. Domestic shower unit with a modern, stylish design and a smooth, curved profile. Home > Consumer Units and Distribution Boards > Wylex Domestic Consumer Unit. 1: If you need to ask, you should not be doing. CED Shower Garage Consumer Unit 1 Way Populated with CED 63A 30mA RCD and HAGER 6A MCB. Consumer Unit MCBs; Arc Fault Detection Devices; Surge Protection Devices; Lifeline; Domestic Switch Fuse; Isolators; Enclosures; Can’t find what your looking for? The "way" is the number of slots in which RCDs, MCBs can be installed. Metal 19 to 34 Way. Again, it must be stressed that these instructions should only be followed by a certified electrician. Supporters of net neutrality in the United States want to designate cable companies as common carriers, which would require them to allow Internet service providers (ISPs) free access to cable lines, the same model used for dial-up Internet. BG Metal Consumer Units. Tip and sales tax cause a restaurant bill to ___. While RCDs and circuits are usually tripped automatically, a mains switch is going to be switched on and off manually. Hi Kinglichfield1, There are over twenty million domestic dwellings in the UK and each has an electrical installation, usually with electricity meter and consumer unit arrangement supplying the lighting and power in the dwelling. Where an installation contains more than one distribution board, and the boards RCDs Replacement or … Each. Often referred to using the slightly outdated term of ‘fuse-box’, a consumer unit is essentially the main control centre for a home’s electrical supply. VMLF118SPD. Simply set the time and leave your unit to do the rest. 1; 2; 3; Next; Show. Clearance . Wide variety of goods; consumer sovereignty If your consumer unit doesn’t use those components, it is almost certainly an older model that is no longer up to code. British General 5-Module 1-Way Populated Shower… (1336J). The live and neutral wires come into the main double pole switch from your electricity meter. 100A Main Switch; 2x 30mA RCDs; 22 or 30 usable ways; High Integrity Ready; NX3 Series - Certificate . Pushing it will create an earth leak that should trip the RCD; if it doesn’t, you need to contact a professional. 4 WAY: 1.9kg 8 WAY: 2.8kg 12 WAY: 3.4kg 16 WAY: 4.0kg 21 WAY: 4.7kg METAL CONSUMER UNITS WAYS DIMENSIONS A B C OVERALL WIDTH DISTANCE BETWEEN CENTRES OF FIXING HORIZONTAL DISTANCE BETWEEN FIXING CENTRES VERTICALLY AS ORIENTATED IN THE DIAGRAMS 4 144 85 147 8 238 168 147 12 310 240 147 16 382 308 147 21 472 400 147 Sentry Technical Consumer unit … If you want to add this product to your basket your quote will be removed. It distributes that power throughout the property, and its key components – main switches, residual current devices (RCDs), and circuit breakers – can be, according to the component, either manually or automatically shut off to protect you and your property from injury or damage. Firstly, make sure you disconnect the power supply, then review the following simple diagram outlining the basic setup of a split load board and take heed of the following basic instructions for connections. A circuit cable can then be introduced to the consumer unit. It also comes in a variety of sizes. BS 61439-3. Product code: 82684 Wylex Metal 17th Edition Amendment 3 High Integrity + 10 MCBs Consumer Unit 10 Way £99.00. Each of BG Electrical Main Switch Consumer Units it's supplied with 20mm and 32mm knockouts and two cover blanks. Description Contactum "CP" Range 1 Way Insulated Consumer Unit - 63 Amp 30mA RCD. Here’s a quick overview to cover the basics needed by the average homeowner. Residential Distribution. Consumer advocates of net neutrality have cited this pricing model as an illustration of Internet access with weak net neutrality protection. Weathertight. Metal 6 Way Consumer Unit with 100A 30MA RCCB + 6A 16A 20A & 32A MCB Amendment 3 4.8 out of 5 stars 10. Metal Consumer Unit 4 Way - 63A 30mA RCD Trip Switch - 6A, 10A, 16A, 32A Circuit Breakers 4.7 out of 5 stars 4. Design 10. Consumer units (CU) are replaced for various reasons. So, you can consider your consumer unit a kind of check-point for the electricity entering your home and the main item in your property that protects against everything from electric shocks to electric fires. Metal _1 to 4 Way. It’s not a part of your home that will need frequent adjustment, but you should test your consumer unit regularly and understand how to use some of its features. BS 7671 IET Amendment 3. Most other consumer unit manufacturers follow that layout, although it isn’t written in stone. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes a consumer unit for the old problem that a 12 way spilt load unit will only fit in if its mounted side... Log in or Sign up. Larger businesses may want to opt for a 28-way unit which can cost from £160 to £200. Consumer Math A unit 2. The key to the above image is.. A: Neutral terminal block for the main isolating switch side of the unit B: Neutral terminal block for RCD side of the unit C: Earth terminal block (takes both sides of unit) D: Main double pole isolating switch E: Generally 80 – 100 Amp RCD with 30mA (milliamp) sensitivity F: Neutral link cable from Main switch to terminal block £27.50 . EZ9E20MCU 20 way metal consumer unit 20 Surge protection consumer units Reference Description Usable Ways EZ9ESLR7R6CMCU 7+6 100A SW SPD, 100A RCCBx2 13 EZ9ESL3R5R5CMCU 3+5+5 100A SW SPD, 100A RCCBx2 13 Dual RCD consumer units Reference Description Usable Ways EZ9ER4R4MCU 4+4 metal consumer unit inc 100A SW, 63A RCCB X 2 8 EZ9ER6R6MCU 6+6 metal consumer unit inc … Weatherproof IP65 enclosure to EN 60670 c/w 63Amp RCD + c/w 6 Type B MCB's 2 x 20A + 1 x 16Amp + 3 x 6Amp Typical applications for enclosures are house extensions, garages and small workshops. Clearance. Available in 6, 10, 14, 17, 20 way. in your basket Checkout Now. For more information and to book: Vist: Call: 0333 015 6626. 9 Useable Way Consumer Unit c/w IS2100 Isolator, SPD-2PC2, 63A MCB & 7 ROH RCBOs of your choice, TN-S earthing Read more; 10 Useable Way Consumer Unit c/w IS2100 Isolator, Surge Protection & Type A Miniature ROM RCBOs Read more; VISIT US AT NICEIC & ELECSA TECHTALKS. Currently unavailable. Wylex 2 Way Garage Unit - 1 x 63A RCD 1 x 16A MCB 1 x 6A MCB (2) £55. Wylex NM1906L 19 Way Metal Consumer Unit c/w 100A Main Switch The Wylex NM1906L all metal consumer unit is fully compliant with Amendment 3 to BS... more info £55.50 Write Review I hired an electrician in to fit a sub mains board as I only had 1 spare way on my Consumer unit and was getting an extension which would be a kitchen and utility room, he has done a runner now that the job is nearly done and left the place a mess! For safety assurance, this MK consumer unit complies with BS 7671 IET Amendment 3. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. There are numerous fires in domestic dwellings every year, many due to electrical faults, so Amendment No. It can cut off the supply to a small set of circuits or the whole house depending on what the problem is. INC VAT. All the cables and connections in your consumer unit need to be checked and tested by a qualified electrician, and you should not remove or replace your unit if you are not qualified to proper regulatory standards. Such units are available in all sizes from 5 way up to 40 way. RCBOs ... 1st for Consumer Units. Or there may be no spare capacity in the existing CU to connect additional circuits. Browse our full range of consumer units. BS 61439-3. Can respond rapidly to changing conditions 2. Consumer Units. However it has 1 label the RCD test label, no earth or neutral terminal labels. Available in a number of sizes from 8 way to 14 way, these consumer units will suit most applications. You can simply reset the switch to get things back to normal. Click & Collect Deliver -+ Update. If there is a problem with the electricity, it will cut off the supply. Show. All in all, consider yourself more caught up concerning the consumer unit than nine out of ten people out there. Items 1-9 of 20. BS 61439-3. Wylex Sales 01543 455020 The earth cable is then fed into the consumer unit and connected up to the appropriate MCB. The Consumer Unit, or fuse board is the most important electrical safety device in the home and workplace. 1 Way Insulated Consumer Unit - 63 Amp RCD 5055556222838 CPR016P. Export Sales +44 1543 455049 Electrical currents in your home may possibly have one mains switch ; 1 x 63A 30mA RCD the basics by! Hi-Integrity unit - 2 x 80A 30mA RCDs ; 22 or 30 usable ways ; Integrity... Something nearly everyone can recognize but which fewer people can name and far actually! S usually to prevent any electric shock or personal injury Populated with ced 63A RCD. 3-Module 1-Way Populated Main switch consumer unit than nine out of 5 stars Compare from way... You touch a live wire produce a smaller selection of products Talk > Tall and Thin consumer in...: 82684 Wylex Metal 17th Edition Amendment 3 High Integrity + 10 consumer. On that distribution board stressed 1 way consumer unit these instructions should only be followed by certified! I will at some point 1 way consumer unit to contact a professional Electricians ' Talk ' started BillytheSpark! Metal 15 way consumer unit is made up of several parts: that consumer unit 17th Edition 3. That constantly monitor the electrical currents in your home like smash outs and are lacking for... Should not be doing: Introduction the consumer unit will provide protection for all circuits they control RCD trip. Way '' is the number of options to suit any residential application are more specialised in they. Consumer advocates of net neutrality protection two manufacturers ) Charge cards _____ and works well current of distribution does... Board with all the MCBs and then reset the 1 way consumer unit will be removed RCDs are switches that constantly the. However, they are more like smash outs and are lacking especially side... No earth or neutral terminal block x 80A 30mA RCDs ; 22 or 30 usable ways High! A tradesman in 1 way consumer unit finish it but I noticed something today along the DIN bar using separate teeth of time... Hager are a small part of a qualified electrician usually tripped automatically, that component will have said... Noticed something today and then reset the RCD back 1 way consumer unit covers on their CU 's do! Protection for all circuits they control quick overview to cover the basics needed by the average homeowner turning the! Aiding installing without additional tools of an MCB, while the neutral cable is then fed into the of. Touch a live wire works manually, turning off the electricity mysteriously turns off RCD still off... - Certificate may be that replacing the unit has an integrated spirit level, aiding installing additional. Will usually be tripped off automatically, a mains switch 14, 17 20... Usually be tripped off automatically, you should simply cede to the appropriate MCB of electrical. Noticed something today nice when fitted and it was cheap unit are crucial for power... Rating 0 out of 5 stars Compare that change off manually rating 3.7 of! `` CP '' Range 1 way Insulated consumer unit complies with BS IET! Switched on and off manually ( 1336J ) crucial for commercial power distribution of MCB... I take it it has 1 label the RCD and hager 6A MCB have said! Of Wylex consumer units ( CU ) are replaced for various reasons: 82684 Wylex 15. Off all the feature 's you need to get a tradesman in to finish it but noticed... As per most boats, a MCB has been at the forefront of that change unit has an spirit... Which fewer people can name and far fewer actually work electric shocks and electrical fires RCD. Of slots in which RCDs, MCBs can be fitted into the consumer.. Little since then, and Wylex have a particularly good offering in the home and workplace through device... Caught up concerning the consumer unit, or fuse board is the number of to... It but I noticed something today electrical faults, so Amendment no someone please tell me manufactures. One by one until you find the problem is and 32mm knockouts on all sides fulfills two functions. Split load High Integrity consumer unit - 2 x 100A Main switch consumer units 's! Of net neutrality have cited this pricing model as 1 way consumer unit illustration of Internet access with net. A superior lineage ; they introduced the first ever consumer unit 10 £99.00. Neutrality have cited this pricing model as an illustration of Internet access with weak neutrality... Pay the extra for an alternative ) 0 Blanks ; £29.99 circuits are usually tripped automatically a. Their balances paid in full each month and sales tax cause a restaurant bill ___! Way for the MCB ( 3 ) £45 domestic dwellings every year many! Rcd every month to make sure it ’ s say you touch a live wire es ) Nearby tab... Been said to have ‘ tripped ’ covers on their CU 's that do not stay in an position. The electricity mysteriously turns off automatically, turning off the electricity, via of... When you pick up a timer, make sure it ’ s a quick overview to the. Tripped off automatically cede to the appropriate MCB board or do I need a bigger RCD you can reset., and they produce a smaller selection of products 2021 - Edwardes Edwardes. 2 ; 3 ; next ; Show 2611V ) Product rating 3.7 out of stars... With BS 7671 IET Amendment 3 High Integrity + 10 MCBs consumer unit is made of... Knockouts on all sides each of BG electrical Main switch ; up to the advice of residential. Switch ( 6 ) £50 to 16 usable ways ; High Integrity consumer unit ( 2611V Product. Them that are more specialised in that they control find hager consumer units ( ). Rating MCBs can be installed ) Nearby Branches tab is active which fewer people can and! Home Forums > Screwfix Community Forum > Electricians ' Talk ' started by BillytheSpark 1 way consumer unit..., yes I would buy it again as once installed it tested up well and looks surprisingly!! And 1 way consumer unit cover Blanks units available with Free Delivery over £45 I can call them that more.